Caribbean Stud Poker by Oryx Gaming

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stadium poker is well known to all lovers of card gambling. This article is dedicated to another such game – Caribbean Stud Poker by Oryx Gaming.

Play Caribbean Stud Poker online

Caribbean Stud Poker is a classic Caribbean poker game with traditional rules. It uses a regular deck of fifty-two cards that is shuffled before each new deal. Jokers are not used in this poker game. Play Caribbean poker from Oryx Gaming you can bet from ten cents to one hundred euros. Only one box is allowed to bet.

We will not describe the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker in detail. As mentioned above, you will find them in a separate article. Here, just briefly review the game and the key provisions directly to this model. So, the game starts with the fact that the user bets ante and receives five cards. The dealer also deals five cards to himself, revealing only one of them. The player assesses the strength of his hand and the dealer’s cards to make one of two available decisions:

  • Continue the game by placing an additional bet equal to two ante.
  • Refuse to continue the game, discarding the cards and losing ante.
Caribbean Poker

There is no card exchange in the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker. If he passes, the round ends (the dealer shows his cards). If the user plays further, the dealer opens his cards and determines whether he has a minimum combination. Then the following options are possible:

  • The dealer has no game (ace-king or higher) – the player receives a payout equal to one ante.
  • Dealer’s hand is higher than the client’s hand – the player loses the bets made.
  • Dealer’s hand is younger than the client’s one – the player gets two payouts: 1:1 on ante and 1:1 on bets – the odds depend on the combination the player has.
  • Combinations of the dealer and the player are equal in strength – the client gets his bet back.

In Caribbean Stud Poker there are classic payouts on the bet (here – Call). They are as follows:

  • Ace-king or pair – 1:1
  • Two Pairs: 2:1
  • Threees: 3:1
  • Straight – 4:1
  • Flush – 5:1
  • Full house – 7:1
  • Carre – 20:1
  • Street flush – 50:1
  • Royal flush 100:1

The manufacturer does not provide data on the theoretical return of Caribbean Stud Poker.

How do I play Caribbean Stud Poker? (Interface)

In general, the online gambling game Caribbean Stud Poker is russified, but not completely. The help section is also translated, but the inscriptions on the table layout and in the information windows are in English. On the table you will see only payout odds for combinations and a tip about the minimum game at the dealer, and the boxes below show the bet amount (Stake) and the range of permissible bets (Min, Max).

To select the rate click on the chip with the desired denomination and put it on the Ante cell. Note that the layout of the table does not look the same as at the gaming tables in offline casinos. Caribbean Stud Poker has the ability to customize the soundtrack and select the quality of the graphics. Also available is a help section and history of played deals.

You don’t have to download Caribbean Stud Poker online. It is available directly on the casino website and runs in your browser.

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