How to play craps and win, and what lies beneath winning strategy

How to play craps and win general terms

Lots of people consider craps to be a complex game because of its table with lots of different options to bet on. In fact, it is relatively easy game and understanding how to win in craps may be much simpler than it seems to be at first. There are approximately twenty-two different options, which players can go for and odds are calculated on the basis of combination that appear on the rolled dice.

Most of the players can simply go for a couple of favorite betting options just like chances in roulette – red or black. In craps, it is exactly the same as a player may go for simpler strategy to win.

How to play the game?

In how to play craps and win, basic craps rules say that a player bets on either players’ (win-together) or dealer’s side. Player should make pass the line bets or don’t pass the line bets. This is referred to certain numbers that appear and combination of rolled numbers on the dice and placed bets on the table will lead to different odds and winning payout ratios. Pass the line bets are referred to the following landing numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, as a result implemented breakdown is used:

  • When betting on pass the line, the bet is placed on shooter’s role and win. So, a person has to make bet on 7 or 11.
  • Come bets require point number to be established. Virtually any number can be bet on but in case if 7 appears, a loss occurs.
  • 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 are regarded to be as the best bets.
  • Don’t bets are the adversary, so when learning craps, how to win approach has to be understood.
  • Players can make proposition bets that are located at the center of the table, which are made for a concrete roll and can be done by any player. A person can choose “Hard ways” or may execute rolling number bets by doubling on the numbers 4, 6, 8 and 10.
  • Field bets are situated at the corner of the table and feature the following numbers: 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, which statistically appear rarer than the others.
  • There are big six as well as big eights that are situated at the corner of the table. The bet can be placed on it before number 7 rolls out.

These are the bets that players can place:

  • Pass Line;
  • Don’t Pass;
  • Come;
  • Don’t Come;
  • Aces;
  • Boxcar;
  • Pass Line Odds;
  • Don’t Pass Odds;
  • Any Craps;
  • Ace Deuce;
  • Come Odds;
  • Don’t Come Odds;
  • Any 7;
  • Any 11;
  • Place Win;
  • Place Lose;
  • Hardways;
  • Field;
  • Big 6;
  • Big 8;
  • Buy;
  • Lay;
  • Big 6;
  • Big 8.

There are 22 above mentioned options to bet on, and in reality it is not necessary to use all betting options on craps table in order to know how to play craps and win. A player can simply go for an option of passing the line or don’t passing the line by preferring win-together with comrades or going on dark side and bet on dealer. The fields on the table represent different multiplying options that have different odds.

Advice on how to win craps

How to play craps and win is always referred to rolling casino dice and calculating probability. Pass the line (house edge of 1.41%) or don’t pass the line (house edge of 1.38%) are the simplest way to win.

So, it is advised to use Labouchere strategy when people wait for certain sequence of numbers to be rolled out and then bet on the opposite. In case if loss occurs, the next bet is the same but it is doubled and so on. In other playing options, the same strategy can be employed but due to greater house edge and different odds, player should limit the risk by calculating probability more wisely.

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